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We provide high-quality medical review services.
Specialty Allocations stands out in the industry by providing accurate, thorough and timely future medical projection services. Our reports are produced by a highly-credentialed and experienced team of medical specialists. Our MSA approval record and relationship with CMS is impressive and we pride ourselves on keeping in step with the evolving MSA guidelines.
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Specialty Allocations is committed to excellence.

We offer high-quality settlement services that meet the needs of all parties involved in Workers' Compensation, General Liability and Personal Injury disputes.

Medical Review Services

Medicare Set Asides

A MSA report determines the amount of settlement dollars to be “set aside” or allocated for future injury-related medical expenses.

Certified Life Care Plans

A Certified Life Care Plan is a comprehensive report that forecasts the future medical needs and related costs throughout the life expectancy of a catastrophically injured person.

Medical Cost Projections

Medical Cost Projections (MCP) compiles information from both past and present medical records to accurately project future medical costs throughout the claimant’s lifespan.

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Our Mission

The goal we keep in mind in every action.

We are continuously motivated to effectively be the liaison, bridging the gap of knowledge and expertise, between entities we serve and the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. We are driven to educate, all parties involved, while protecting the future medical care for the injured, as well as, maintain the interest of Medicare. Our thorough and accurate reports, constant communication, and consistency are the infrastructure of our company. We pledge to be forthright, objective and uphold the integrity of the people we serve.


High-quality, thorough reports

"Specialty Allocations does excellent work and provides accurate details and information to help resolve your case. The company provides medical documentation that will assist in the mediation and trial process and is very accurate on future cost projections.  They are very easy to work with and understand your needs."

- Partner at Personal Injury Law Firm

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