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Specialty Allocations has an established track record in the medical review business that encompasses over seventy-five years of combined success.

Established in 2004, Specialty Allocations is a privately-held, medical review company. Specialty Allocations takes pride in its established track record of providing the ultimate results in quality, licensed and medical review services to meet the needs of insurance carriers, attorney groups, and self-funded employers.  Specialty Allocations' accurate and timely services coupled with superb customer service, makes us the right choice for your medical review needs.

Medical Review Services

Certified Life Care Plans

A Certified Life Care Plan is a comprehensive report that forecasts the future medical needs and related costs throughout the life expectancy of a catastrophically injured person, or one with a devastating, life long illness. Life Care Plans evaluate all aspects of medical and are based on long-term goals. Life Care Plans

Medicare Set Asides

A Medicare Set Aside (MSA) report determines the amount of settlement dollars to be “set aside” or allocated for future injury-related medical expenses typically covered by Medicare in a Workers’ Compensation or liability case. 

CMS Submissions

Specialty Allocations sends Medicare Set Aside proposals to CMS upon the request of the referral source. A cover letter is generated notifying of the submission. We provide ongoing status updates of the submission until a decision is reached by CMS.

Medical Cost Projections

Specialty Allocations’ Medical Cost Projections (MCP) compiles information from both past and present medical records to accurately project future medical costs throughout the claimant’s lifespan. Medical Cost Projections serve as an invaluable resource for forecasting future medical exposure and future medical costs for settlement purposes.

Home Assessments

A Home Assessment is a comprehensive functional status and current needs assessment based upon the injury related diagnosis and the nursing process. The home assessment includes, but is not limited to, assessment for safety issues, attendant care services, home renovations, sharing of resource information and community based services. 

Nurse Reviews

Our medical review reports are completed by registered nurses who chronologically detail the medical treatment of the injured person. Our nurses are equipped with years of expert medical legal experience and our reports support the facts of the case.

Lien Requests/Lien Resolutions

We can perform Medicare Conditional Payment Verification to determine if the claimant owes any conditional payments to Medicare. We also offer Medicare Conditional Payment Negotiation to determine if any of the conditional payments are unrelated to the pending claim.

Social Security Query

A Social Security Query provides information about a beneficiary’s disability and/or retirement status and benefits. The Social Security Query serves as an important planning tool for settlement purposes.

“I have worked with Specialty Allocations for several years and their work is exemplary. I would highly recommend them and I have recommended Specialty Allocations to many of my clients. They are extremely knowledgeable and always on the mark.”

- Workers' Compensation Professional

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